Oh Saint Henry

By Jakob A. Motto

WOODSTOCK, VERMONT — Flying through the icy hills, it was 11:30 pm, high up in the trees, there was no one else I wanted as the captain of the ship, my mentor. It was pitch black, we were engulfed in a hazy fog, I felt as though I was floating, but I knew I wasn’t gonna fall, I was in safe hands.

I am currently celebrating Thanksgiving week with my whole family in Vermont, where my older brother goes to school. Straying away from my normal blog posts, this one is about my older brother, Henry. My brother is a renaissance man. He is passionate about everything he does.

There is no other man that I’ve seen who has over 10,000 songs in his library. A man who is the epitome of rock music, I think he was the very first person to shake their hair in the wind. He is an expert in mosh pits, an avid polish folk enthusiast and has mastered the art of jazz music.

His favorite hobby is to drive. Most people despise those 10+ hour drives to get to wherever they’re heading for vacation, but he lives for them. He loves to drive so much, his dream job is a semi truck driver because he would get to drive all across North America.


In his spare time, he writes poetry about his adventures at University. He speaks in such an abstract, grungy voice when he puts it to paper. I don’t know any other person that could make a trip to Wing Stop so captivating than him.

His wardrobe consists of nothing over $5. He believes that no article of clothing should cost more than how much he has in his wallet. He only shops at thrift shops, he even worked at Goodwill.

No-shave November lasts all year for him. He keeps his hair and beard long enough, my little brother and I swear he’s a wizard.  

Henry is one of the smartest people I have ever met. He not only knows any fact about history, he some how knows exactly what to do in any situation ever. Even if he told me a lie, he tells stories so well that he can make anything sound true. He one time told our whole rowing team stories about his life at a regatta once, even if some weren’t true, but it didn’t matter, everyone loved them.

Henry has taught me to: be nothing but respectful to people of all backgrounds, not be so serious about things all the time, and especially, rock my ass off at concerts. Henry is my one and only true mentor. And will always be until the day that I die.


It’s More Than a Hobby

By Jake Motto

Throughout my time as a high schooler who likes fashion, I have always been asked questions like “Why would you waste your money on that?” or comments like “I would never buy something that expensive.” I have one thing to say to these people: it’s one of my interests, so why not.

People who play sports spend hundreds of dollars on customizing their equipment and to play the sport alone. For example, new lacrosse heads come out multiple times every year. Every lacrosse player begs for the newest and greatest lacrosse head the same way I beg for clothing. All of my expensive clothing is bought for my birthday, Christmas and, if I get lucky, vacation. I have the same type of clothing everyone else has but just cooler brands.

That brings me into my next point, I am not a hype beast. I just happen to like the clothing that hype beast companies provide such as: Supreme, Bape, etc. and buy it for retail prices. I prefer designer clothing way more though, it’s usually more suave.

On the other side of the spectrum, I really enjoy thrift shopping — one of god’s greatest creations, just under poutine. With thrift shopping you can find one of kind pieces for very low prices. Sifting through bins full of old Tommy Hilfiger and Guess would be a dream come true. I love coming across old 90’s style clothing: large over sized sweaters, color block jackets and faded bleached jeans.

I love clothing that is worth $10 and I love clothing that is worth $1000. I don’t buy things just because they’re expensive or rare, I buy clothing that I like and I know that will keep me looking cozy.


My Boston Trip

By Jake Motto

This past weekend I took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts to tour two universities: Boston University and UMass, Amherst, but more importantly I wanted to see what fashion in Boston has to offer.

Picture of Adidas’ green Iniki shoe.

Before my trip, I looked up what stores are in Boston. I found that Newbury Street had some great shopping. It had everything from Vans to Vince, there was even an Adidas x Concepts pop up shop — where I got some pretty sick kicks. But, nothing could compare to Guess, the dopest store to buy a t shirt in the 90s.


I love Guess’ striped t shirts, they are the coolest t shirts I have seen in awhile, period. However, when I clicked to see more info about the store and where it’s located, I found out that the store had been closed for months. It isn’t too much of a tragedy, seeing how I can most likely get one off of my favorite online store to buy clothing: Grailed.

The second day of my travels, my mom and I head to Newbury Street. The first store we go in was Burberry, an English fashion company, famous for their coats. I see a bunch of stuff I liked, but nothing I loved. We then move on to other stores like Barbour and Patagonia. Again, saw stuff I liked, but nothing I loved.

Picture of Off-white red flannel

We then make it to the end of our shopping day at Barneys. My mom’s favorite department store. I have been in Barneys a couple of other times, enough to know they have high quality stuff. I knew I could find something rad in here. Searching for about 20 minutes, I find myself returning to the Off-white rack. Off-white is an amazing fashion company based out of Milan by the equally amazing Virgil Abloh. I was so fortunate to pick out a piece that I have been eyeing down for months now. A red flannel that Abloh frayed, over sized and slapped a big white symbol on the back side.

I am still so happy about this cop and I will wear it until the end of time. Thank you so much mother, I am infinitely grateful. I was assured this was the end of my purchases this weekend.

Picture of Guess brown and black striped t shirt

Nearing the last couple hours of my visit, my mom and I chose to walk around the promenade that neighbored our hotel. The only store of interest being an Urban Outfitters. And oh my god, I can not believe how lucky I got. Urban Outfitters had Guess striped t shirts!! Now it wasn’t the exact colorway, but c’mon they had Guess striped t shirts!!

Overall fantastic weekend at Boston, 10/10. It could not have been better.

“The Ten” Review

Virgil Abloh an American designer, DJ and the founder of the brand Off-White, released a collab with Nike earlier this past September. Abloh chose 10 iconic silhouettesthe ten from the brands: Nike, Jordan and Converse, and has created some of the hottest shoes on the market this year.


In my opinion most of these shoes are fantastic. All of them are incredible. I can talk about how great they are, but for this article I’ll just list my top 3:

The Nike Air Prestos would have to come in third. These shoes look sleek yet have virgil-abloh-off-white-nike-prestoa huge amount of depth to them. They look very comfy and have some kind of torn dirty look to them, which I really like. I really love how complex the shoe looks while maintaining an accessible look.

Number two would probably be the Nike Blazers. For the past year I have really been loving Blazers, both mid top and low top, and to see Abloh virgil-abloh-off-white-nike-blazercreate a mid top Blazer is like a dream come true to me. They look super clean being mostly white with some spurts of color throughout. I’m also really digging how the Nike swoosh goes on to the sole of the shoe. Plus I need some new boarding shoes, so it works out perfectly.

Without a doubt the Air Jordan Is are the coolest shoe in the collection and maybe of 2017. This shoe is fantastic, it combines one of the most well known sneakers in the game with a special Abloh twist. These shoes are so fly, the first time I saw them, I knew I had to cop a pair some time in my life. This shoe stands out from the rest of thevirgil-abloh-off-white-nike-air-jordan-1m because it’s the only red dominant shoe in the collection. I hope one day I will be able to call this my shoe.

The Musically Talented


peter 2

Junior Peter Payiatis has had a longing for music ever since he was young and hopes to find a career in producing.

Payiatis has familiarized himself with music programs such as Fruity Loops (FL studios). FL Studios is a well known recording software used by experienced producers. In his spare time, Payiatis likes to play around with different beats to try to create songs. Payiatis recommends FL Studios to anyone who wants to produce music. “It is a well put together site that is easy to use,” he says.

As a man of talents and creativity, Payiatis spends hours upon hours mixing and creating new sounds. He enjoys it so much that he gets into grooves, and when he gets going, he cannot be stopped. “There’s nothing better than making some music on a Sunday morning,” he says.

Payiatis sees many advantages to the music industry. Doing something that he loves and having fun doing it, too. He says, “He will make fortunes as a producer if he produces hit songs or works with popular artists.” Also he will meet a lot of very creative, successful people that can give him new opportunities in life.

“I will never stop making music,” he says.

Payiatis will use his music career as a leverage into many other jobs related to music. He will capitalize on the new opportunities that come with the music industry: playing in concert or produce music for a big time movie. Whatever his next career is, Payiatis will never stop using the skills he learned from the music industry.